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30 Day Warranty on all of our products


The ScooterX 30 Day Bumper to Bumper Warranty

ScooterX's 30 Day Warranty covers any part on the scooter that is factory defective. Meaning if something is mechanically wrong with your product we will take care of it. If something comes broken we will take care of it. If something is missing we will take care of it. The warranty covers anything that is wrong or goes wrong withing 30 days of purchase date.

How do we handle the warranty?
- If you have a technical issue such as: engine won't start, brakes don't work, etc., we suggest reading our tech support page or watching our tech support videos. If you still have issues with your product after reading the tech support page you can call 702-889-1741 ex 2. This is our tech support line open mon-fri 8am to 4pm pacific standard time.
- If you have a broken or damaged part please fill out the warranty form and we will send you a new part. Click here to file warranty claim online
Whats not covered under warranty?

- Tire tubes that get punctured from driving

If the tube is flat the day you get your product due to manufacturer defect we will replace it. If you get a flat because something punctured the tube while riding this will not be covered under warranty.
What will void my factory warranty?
- If the product was sold for under 15% of MSRP
This one is self explanatory. If the product was sold for less than 15% of MSRP we will offer you no warranty.
- Misuse and abuse
Misuse example: You didn't put any 2 stroke oil in your gas and you blew up your motor. Warranty void on motor, all other parts on scooter will still be warranted.
Abuse example: You crashed your product and broke it. Warranty void.
Abuse example 2: You are jumping your item and something breaks, warranty void.
Return Policy
We do not take returns once gas has been poured into the tank. If you have an Electric model we will not accept a return once it has been used.

If you have any questions or comments please email us

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